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Moffsoft - a desktop calculator with a tape

For many years, I’ve used Excel as my 10 key adding machine.  Since I can add and subtract numbers on my computer, I have never wanted clunky and noisy equipment taking up space on my desk.  I have used the built-in Windows calculator occasionally, but it lacks a traditional 10 key tape that accountants love, so I’ve preferred using Excel.  That may be changing, however, since I discovered Moffsoft FreeCalc in a discussion in the CPA Tech Connect LinkedIn group.  Moffsoft FreeCalc is freeware and adds several useful features to the standard Windows calculator.

Moffsoft FreeCalc

Moffsoft FreeCalc’s tape feature is far more useful than the paper that comes out of 10 key machines.  The figures on a tape can be copied, saved, printed and cleared.  Some CPA firms are using FreeCalc to copy and paste the simulated paper tapes as annotations within PDF documents.  Numbers on a tape can be “re-used” when double-clicked.  As an added bonus, you’ll never have to replace the paper rolls or ink.

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