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How to handle a LinkedIn connection request from someone you don't know

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the LinkedIn connection dilemma I face when I receive a request from someone I don’t know.  Back then, I would just hit the “ignore” button because I have no idea who John Doe is, nor do I know any tire salesmen across the country in Maine.

I have taken a different approach after reading a few blog posts by Joel Ungar in AccountingWEB.  Joel is a principal with Silberstein Ungar, PLLC in the …

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My LinkedIn Connection Dilemma

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I have a little debate going on in my head about who should be included in my LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn seems to suggest that connections should represent a “real-world” network and be limited to trusted friends and colleagues.  I have discovered, though, that some people are looking to connect to everybody.  Some even go so far as to have LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) or “I accept all invites” in their headlines.

I have received several invitations to connect from people I don’t know …

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Why Would a CPA Want to Use Twitter?

I know several people that make fun of Twitter much like they make fun of a teenager that ends up in the news for sending thousands of text messages per month racking up a huge phone bill.  They certainly can make a good argument.  A recent study concluded that more than 40 percent of tweets are “pointless babble.”  If you look at the public timeline or trending topics on the Twitter webpage, you’ll see spam, self-promotion, and mundane tweets like …

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