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Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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Book Review: The Radical CPA

Nearly five years ago, I attended the Accounting Today Growth and Profitability Summit and met several next-generation accountants who radically influenced my career.  By “met” I mean in-person, since we had gotten to know each other beforehand through radical online means like Twitter.  Social media may be still be considered radical for CPAs today, but at the time we were the extreme outliers.

One of the more outspoken founders of the movement, Jody Padar, has put the principles we’ve learned from …

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Funny Alternative Acronyms for CPA

I recently became a CPA in the state of Nevada.  By CPA, I’m referring to Certified Public Accountant.  Although this is a widely recognized acronym in the United States, Wikipedia lists many other uses of it throughout the world.

The CPA acronym is also often used to poke fun at number crunchers in many variations.  Here are a few of the best I’ve heard:

Cheapest Price Available
Copy, Paste, and Annotate
Can’t Produce Anything
Constantly Proposing Audits
Couldn’t Pass Again (referring to the CPA exam, of …

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Why Would a CPA Want to Use Twitter?

I know several people that make fun of Twitter much like they make fun of a teenager that ends up in the news for sending thousands of text messages per month racking up a huge phone bill.  They certainly can make a good argument.  A recent study concluded that more than 40 percent of tweets are “pointless babble.”  If you look at the public timeline or trending topics on the Twitter webpage, you’ll see spam, self-promotion, and mundane tweets like …

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