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Dustin Wheeler
Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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Smart accounting is as cool as a smart home, but not as easy to show off

The latest gadget addition to my home is the Amazon Echo, a speaker that responds to voice commands similar to Siri and Cortana, but is completely hands-free. By default, the Echo goes by the name of Alexa. For example, she reads the day’s NPR news briefing if I say, “Alexa, what’s the news today? ” It responds to commands to play music, read the weather report, tell me how bad traffic is, set timers, and many others. Beware if you …

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An accountant's favorite number

Someone recently told me that an accountant’s favorite number is zero.  After spending approximately zero seconds pondering the statement, I asked why.  Her response was that when reconciling an account in QuickBooks, if the difference line is $0.00, it is reconciled correctly and her work is done!  I agree that it is a great feeling.  (Just say “no” to reconciliation discrepancies, which is what happens if the difference line is not zero.)

Come to think of it, zero is a solid …

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Why Google Analytics is so much fun

While I’m not a power user of Google Analytics like those who track e-commerce and advertising performance, I know my way around it well enough to discover fun and interesting facts about my blog’s visitors.  Below are a few insights into my blog’s statistics:

I love maps!  The Demographics-Location screen shows that my blog has nearly spanned the globe.  It’s no surprise that the United States is the darkest shade of green, which means that it is the country with the …

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