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Virtual Desktops, the Windows 10 tip that could change your life

It can be a challenge to organize your workspace when you have multiple monitors and dozens of programs open at the same time.  It can feel much like having stacks of paper on your desk in complete disorder.  Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 is like rolling a messy desk out of a room and rolling in a clean one, all in the fraction of a second.

I use the feature to group similar programs together, with the windows arranged how I like them among my monitors.  For example, I might have my time entry and practice management windows open on one desktop, while I have tax and document management programs on another desktop.  Switching between the two desktops is quite a bit quicker than shuffling, minimizing and maximizing windows.

It’s also an easy way to hide all my running programs if someone enters my office for a meeting.  I simply launch a clean desktop, and open any programs pertinent to that meeting.

Even though it all can be done with a mouse, the key to maneuvering Virtual Desktops quickly is learning the keyboard shortcuts.  For example, holding down the Windows, Ctrl and left or right arrows will switch between desktops.  The keyboard shortcuts and detailed instructions can be found on this post about Virtual Desktops on the official Windows blog.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops


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