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Accounting out of balance and out of my comfort zone

Here I am hanging by a thread 500 feet above the ground. The wind combines with the speed at which I’m rapidly descending to forcefully spin me around. I feel as though I’m leaning backwards in a chair at the brink of tipping over head-first. At this moment, I wonder why agreed to go zip-lining at the Sundance Mountain Resort, which according to its website has the 3rd longest total distance and biggest vertical drop of any zip-line tour in the United States. It’s torture and the cruelest test ever of my moderate fear of heights!

#Hawkins2015Retreat Jake and I ziplining.

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The zip-line tour got easier with each successive line as I learned how to control my speed. I figured out how to stay facing forward. I stopped fearing for my life and started to enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the treetops. At the end, I was glad I had the experience.

Accountants tend to be creatures of habit and order, enjoying the safety on the ground. As a result we’re part of the joke: why did the accountant cross the road? Because that’s what he did last year.

I’ve done things out of my comfort zone the last few years, and I’m glad I did. The shift from doing compliance to being a trusted business advisor is one example. I’ve experienced cloud accounting, and the view is wonderful. Discovering new software integrations and accounting efficiencies has proved to be impactful for businesses I work with. Diving into social networking and creating this blog was scary at first, but it led to meeting some next-gen CPAs who I’ve been able to collaborate with and it’s made learning more fun.

I still have many other comfort zones to break out of to achieve my goals, but in the process I’ll do the best to enjoy the ride.

#Hawkins2015Retreat Getting ready to jump off the Mountain

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