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Book Review: The Radical CPA

Nearly five years ago, I attended the Accounting Today Growth and Profitability Summit and met several next-generation accountants who radically influenced my career.  By “met” I mean in-person, since we had gotten to know each other beforehand through radical online means like Twitter.  Social media may be still be considered radical for CPAs today, but at the time we were the extreme outliers.

One of the more outspoken founders of the movement, Jody Padar, has put the principles we’ve learned from each other into a totally radical book!  She was kind enough to send me a signed copy.

Not counting the worksheets and appendix, The Radical CPA is a short 128 pages and mostly non-technical.  Had it not been for tax season, I would have finished it in two or three days.  It’s the perfect length for a busy CPA.

The book teaches CPAs how to embrace technology and new business processes for serving today’s generation of business owners.  Jody explains moving to the cloud, coping with change, becoming social, and experimenting with new processes – all in an understandable way for those who are new to these topics.

Though my review might be a bit biased since I know the author, I think the book will be very valuable for CPAs looking to redesign their accounting practices to be competitive in the 21st century.

You can find Jody’s book at theradicalcpa.com.

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