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Siri figures she is good at math

People have different preferences for adding up a few numbers.  Some seem to be born with the talent of doing difficult math in their heads.  Some accountants love running a tape on a 10-key.  Excel is the tool of choice for others.

Lately, I have experimented with using Siri as my calculator.  Siri is a personal assistant on Apple devices that uses natural language to communicate (in case you didn’t know).  We are getting closer to the future depicted in Star Trek where a person can carry on a verbal conversation with a computer.

Why is Siri a great calculator?  For one, it’s hands-free.  Second, Siri has a sense of humor:

Me: “What is 2,587 plus 1,207?”
Siri: “Let me think… the answer is 3,794.”
Me: “Siri, you are good at math.”
Siri: “I am?”
Me: “Yes.”
Siri: “That’s what I figured.”

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