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The origin of the name Wheeler (it isn't what you think)

When I was a young boy, I asked my dad about the origin of our last name.  He wasn’t sure and guessed that it must have come from someone long ago who made wheels.  That is about as uninteresting as me saying I’m an accountant who does taxes.

The actual origin is a little more exciting than what is often depicted as prehistoric man’s first invention.  I did a Google* search for information about the Wheeler family and found “The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America.”  This book, published in 1914, gives a well-researched explanation:

The third striking point is the meaning of the name “Wheeler” itself.  For this, it is evident, determination must be made from the earliest form on record.  How significant is this early appearance has been mentioned, a fact all the more remarkable when it is remembered that surnames do not appear in general use until the eleventh and twelfth centuries.  This early spelling “Wielher” is evidently a compound of two Anglo-Saxon words “wel” or “wiel” meaning “prosperous” or “fortunate,” from which derivation the modern word “weal” and “wealth” may be traced; and the Anglo-Saxon word “hari” or “heri” a warrior, a root traceable in the modern word “hero.”  The present spelling of the family name “Wheeler,” therefore, is a spelling of words which in their modern form would be “Weal-Hero” or in the Anglo-Saxon words “wel-hari.”  The meaning of the family name therefore is clearly “the lucky warrior,” or “the prosperous hero.”

I could use the origin of my name to more creatively explain what I strive to do as a CPA: I share my expertise to empower prosperous (successful) heroes (business owners).

*I typed one of my ancestor’s names into Google and got 11,900 results in three-tenths of a second.  Search technology is one that I’ve taken for granted, but my ancestor who lived 150 years ago would have been impressed.

16 comments to The origin of the name Wheeler (it isn’t what you think)

  • This reminds me of the first episode of “Welcome Back, Kotter” which aired before your time. Arnold Horshack explains that his last name means “The cattle are dying.”

    Great post Dustin.

  • Does this make you an imperialist?

  • I’m a pretty peaceful guy, but I have conquered Google and am a force to be reckoned with at the local basketball gym.

  • V.E.G.

    Best of all, there are couple of heroes gave their lives saving others, Walter D. Wheeler and Colonel Alan Dexter Wheeler. God took them both.

  • Vincent M Wheeler

    Nice find my daughters are always asking the origin or our last name and though I am black im still a Wheeler…

  • Jadyn Wheeler

    I like warrior hero alot better than wheel maker…!! :)

  • V.E.G.

    Best of all, Alan Dexter Wheeler is a direct descendant of Concord families, and part of Beantown (Boston).

  • James Wheeler

    I’m a medieval renactor. I fight as a Saxon so its fitting.

  • To read my gallant warrior story, check out “Garlic Toast – How I Became A Don.” (Infinity Publishing) Name as a writer, Max Redfire. Try sampling my favorite snack, “Zen Popcorn. And to read about a little, gallant kid warrior, check out “Jerey West – A Boy Who Fell Into The Sky.”

    Max Redfire Wheeler

  • Mark Wheeler

    Well that’s a new way of looking at it. My family name comes from England I know means and we do have our colours which mean what your saying. When I was growing up we knew no Wheeler rallies just my grandparent, my dad and 5 of us kids when I first started looking into it I found a lot in side a the kingdom walls wheelers made the wheels but I know now from a dream that we came from Dorset and Alfred the great was one of our ancestors and finding Aethestan, Alfred’s grandson. Athelstan was the king that made the United Kingdom but England don’t no the history and Aethelstan brought Catholic to England he’s the man that no one remembers so if reads this and you do go to church even a Anglican church and see him with his battle shield you will know a lot more about your religion and the Wheeler name is the oldest of names that I have found dating 8th or 9th century tho three lions is strength. MW

  • Dawn Wheeler Baynard

    Glad to know that old story was not true. We too were told we were the wheel makers and that my father’s best friend : Weinright / Wainwright(not sure if it is spelled correctly) were the wagon makers.
    Thank you for the info.

    I have hit a dead end in my father’s line…

    Orlin P Wheeler
    My 2nd great grand-father. Birth Mar 1846 in Watertown, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States Death About 1890 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    Father= Wheeler 1816 – 1849 from Fairfield, CT Possible name Plumb Wheeler….found marriage record for a Plumb Wheeler married to Betsey Ann Gray. Plumb could have been a nick-name or his mother’s maiden name, but I can not find any further info.

    Thought I’d share just in case someone out there may have some info.

    Thanks again, Dawn

  • Do any other Wheeler’s out there share my Y haplogroup I-Z60? That is i-Z60 and not L-Z60. If so I would be interested in knowing what part of Britain your male Wheeler line is from. I have traced mine back to the Isle of Wight, although my ancestors have been in Australia for many generations. I have no American ancestry.

  • Warrior Wheelers

    We Wheelers are in every war highly decorated with Purple Hearts and
    survive, taking other wounded soldiers to safety, we will not leave you
    even if death comes knocking. Owned three business’s and succeeded.
    You are right sir.

  • I find looking into the Wheeler origins interesting, but any genetic link we may have with each other can only be determined by whether or not we share the same Y haplogroup if we are males. I described it in my last post. I found out what it was by having a National Geographic ancestry test. The Y haplogroup is a relatively rare one. Interestingly, one of the few people who shared my haplogroup on the National Geographic site is another Wheeler who is from the USA who was not sure what part of Britain his line came from. However, having a shared genetic link or surname does not mean a lot in itself and I think you’ll find we vary considerably. I can’t say I’m a warrior Wheeler. I have never wanted to fight in a war or run a business. My politics don’t go in that direction.

  • Shaun M Wheeler

    This would certainly explain my tendencies to stick to my guns, never back down, and shrug off adversity…

  • I’ve done more research on the subject and although the prosperous hero or lucky warrior theory may be true the bottom line is nobody really knows. And even if the latter is true it may be other Wheelers were wheel makers for carts, clocks or any other industry that needed wheels.
    As I’ve said, getting a Y DNA test is one way of finding out which branch you come from, because I know mine is fairly rare and it is shared with a Wheeler from the USA who was also tested in National Geographic genetic project.
    SE England and the Isle of Wight have the greatest density of Wheelers. There is a Wheeler Bay in the Isle of Wight. My ancestors, and many other Wheeler’s ancestors have been traced back to a John Wheeler who was born in the early 1700’s at Gods Hill in the Isle of Wight.

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