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Consuming content on tablets with Google Currents

For a guy that enjoys new technology, I entered the realm of tablet computing a little late.  I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with a 10.1 inch screen.

The tablet fills a unique role among the other devices I own.  It is more portable and boots up faster than my laptop.  The larger screen makes it a much better device for viewing web pages and PDF files than my phone.

Unlike my desktop and laptop computers, the tablet is not an ideal device for working and typing.  It is not as portable as my phone, which follows me everywhere like my shadow (my tablet won’t be so lucky).  However, its characteristics make it my preferred device for consuming web content.  Up to this point, I have used my tablet primarily for reading news, books, blogs, and other social media.

Although I use Google Reader for most of my online reading, I have discovered Google Currents to be an awesome app as well.  Google Currents puts my reading material into a newspaper or magazine-like format, adapts the content to the screen size of a tablet, and makes it available offline.  See the below screenshot of one of my favorite tax blogs, the Roth & Company Tax Update Blog by Joe Kristan.  How do you like the layout, Joe?

Google Currents Screenshot

2 comments to Consuming content on tablets with Google Currents

  • Laura Berthiaume

    I’m thinking about getting tablet too Dustin. Any plans to do any reviews of the best one’s out there?

  • Laura, I chose the Galaxy Tab because of the large 10.1″ screen and the Android platform (which I’m familiar with). I am very happy with my purchase. I don’t plan on writing reviews because I haven’t used other tablets like the iPad enough to compare them.

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