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Adjusting journal entries in Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting, a free online accounting software, has a very easy interface for non-accountants to automatically import and classify bank transactions.  Accountants who primarily use other accounting programs might need some time to get used to Wave Accounting’s interface.  I recently needed to make some adjusting journal entries in Wave Accounting and the screen to enter them wasn’t quite where I expected to find it.

To make an adjusting journal entry, click on the Settings tab.  That seems strange to me since I don’t consider journal entries to be a setting in accounting software, but where else would it go?

Under Wave Setup, click on Journal Transactions.  Then, a screen appears with a layout that will be familiar to accountants.  Wave Accounting has some nice features here, including the ability to create a new account by clicking the plus button, and yes, debits must equal credits (so much for my attempt to corrupt the system).

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