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Google me, autocomplete me

Out of curiosity, I occasionally enter my name in Google to see how I am doing in my goal to dominate the first page of Google search results.  Today, I decided to take a different approach and see how Google autocompletes searches for my name. According to Google, its algorithm predicts queries based on other users’ search activities. These searches provide some insight into what phrases people have used to search for me and other lucky guys out there that share my name.

When I enter “Dustin Wheeler” in the search box, Google suggests the following:

Dustin Wheeler AutocompleteThe first one listed is Dustin Wheeler, CPA.  Yes, that’s me!  The next two are not me (though “Dustin Wheeler Chevrolet” has a nice ring to it – it’s a dealership in Hinton, Oklahoma).

Next, I went through the alphabet adding a letter after my name to see how Google autocompletes it.  Here is the letter L:

Dustin Wheeler Autocomplete L

Las Vegas is one of the few cities that comes up.  People could have searched for me using the city where I live to narrow the search results.

Moving on to Q…

Dustin Wheeler Autocomplete Q

Yes, I am a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program.

Another fun activity is entering a company or product followed by the word “is.”  Searches for “Google is” and “Facebook is” produces some really funny autocomplete suggestions, though they are mostly negative in nature.  Google’s algorithm has some kind words for FreshBooks, however.

FreshBooks is awesome

Hopefully, Google’s autocomplete will say the same about me someday.

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