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Sweet! I made it on the #pstech Tweetcloud

This week, I attended the AICPA TECH+ conference and used Twitter to share a few useful pieces of information with the hashtag #pstech.

Below is a screenshot of the most common words used in tweets by everyone at the conference that included the hashtag.  The words with the larger letters were used more often than those with smaller letters.  I am honored to be in there, thanks to a few of my tweets being retweeted by others resulting in multiple mentions of my username.  Also listed are many other people worth following in the accounting profession.  Jason M. Blumer, whose name is in big letters, is an awesomely popular CPA dude.

The words in the tweetcloud give hints to what the conference was all about: iPad, app, blogging, changing, management, mobile, and cloud (referring to information and applications on the Internet, not the puffy white things in the sky).

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