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Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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Who says IT doesn't matter?

In an MBA class I’m taking at UNLV this semester, one of my assignments was to read the article IT Doesn’t Matter by Nicholas G. Carr, which was published in the Harvard Business Review in May 2003.  The title, which certainly provides some shock value, may be misleading without further explanation.  Carr doesn’t imply that IT is unimportant in an organization, but rather that it should not be considered a strategic resource.

The most interesting part of the article is Carr’s argument that …

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How do I get my picture to show up with my comments on your blog?

It’s frequently asked questions time on Diving into the Details!  With this one, we’re not diving too deep.

Having your picture (a.k.a. avatar) appear in my blog comments takes only a couple of minutes.  Go ahead, time yourself and let me know if I’m wrong.

Go to the Gravatar website.
Create an account.
Verify your e-mail address.
Upload a picture, and you’re done!

Gravatar associates your picture with your e-mail address whenever you leave a comment on a WordPress blog (and a few other blog platforms).  If you have …

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