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Cool Stuff I Saw at CES 2011

Last week, I attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  It was tons of fun seeing and getting a hands-on experience with the latest technologies and gadgets.  The hard part is that I’ve added about fifteen things to my wish list, but I’ll only be able to afford and have time to play with two or three.

During the show, I took notes of what I liked on Twitter.  Below are my tweets (and some commentary):

  • Checking out the 3D home video cameras at Intel’s displays… and I had thought an HD video camera was all I needed.
  • Watching people play with Kinect for Xbox 360. Motions controls the characters- no joysticks required! Cool! (I got to play the obstacle course game which was also quite a workout)
  • Motorola has a cool laptop device that connects to and runs off a Droid phone. Too bad they don’t have one that works with the X. (I’m referring to the Motorola laptop dock)
  • Samsung’s interactive whiteboards are really cool. I hope I can do a presentation on one someday.
  • Fifty TVs in Samsung’s 3D arena. I put on the glasses and wow! Amazing experience!
  • Checking out the Toshiba mobile monitor recommended by @bftcpa. No external power required. Nice display!
  • It is really fun watching teleconferences via Skype on big TVs. It may be a more common way to communicate in the near future. (I saw this on a Google TV, which is near the top of my wish list)

1 comment to Cool Stuff I Saw at CES 2011

  • So appreciative of your keeping those of us not in attendance up to speed. I really was intrigued by the *teleconferences via Skype on the big TVs* tweet. I am attending a conference in Vegas today and tomorrow via virtual attendance. It is so wonderful, although I need to figure out how I am going to still hang at the Fashion Show mall after class. Maybe Second Life?

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