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Tweets on the Big Screen at the Growth and Profitability Summit

A few months ago in a blog post, I tried to answer the question, “why would a CPA want to use Twitter?

After attending Accounting Today’s Growth & Profitability Summit, I have another reason for a CPA to use Twitter.  Twitter is awesome at conferences!

By adding the hashtag #GroPro (short for Growth & Profitability) to my tweets, I shared useful quotes with others at the conference.  I also added a column to my Tweetdeck Droid app using a search for #GroPro and was able to follow what other people were tweeting at the conference.

In a conference setting, Twitter provides opportunities to share useful information and connect with others.  I was able to meet several people (in person) that I had followed on Twitter during the conference.  Twitter just breaks the ice.  I wasn’t disappointed – all of the people I met were just as cool as their tweets!

Tweets with the hashtag #GroPro were displayed on a big TV screen in the hall just outside of the conference rooms.  I took a short video of it that you can see below.  It even includes one of my tweets (I’m blushing)!  You can recreate the tweets and visual effects on your computer by going to http://visibletweets.com/.

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