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Highlights from the Zappos Office Tour

Throughout my life, I’ve had opportunities to tour the headquarters of several large companies, but what I experienced today at Zappos was very unique.

First, I have to thank Jody Padar and Jason Blumer, two awesome CPAs, for setting up the tour for me and 30-or-so other CPAs and accountants interested in learning about the Zappos culture.

Zappos has established ten core values from which it develops its culture.  The third core value, create fun and a little wierdness, revealed itself immediately as we begain walking around the office.  The Zappos culture promotes individual creativity and self-expression, as evidenced by cubicles that were better decorated than any I had ever seen and a stairway where employees have written on the walls!   The picture to the right shows the “blogging bus” built around a set of cubicles which provides inspiration to the blogging team (and since I sometimes need inspiration, maybe I should try that)!

At the end of the tour, Zappos gave us a “culture book” which contains, for the most part, the thoughts and feelings of Zappos’ employees.  The book provides evidence of the employees’ high morale and happiness they find in working for the company.  Some even wrote that they go to work smiling every day, and from what I observed in our tour today, I believe it.

4 comments to Highlights from the Zappos Office Tour

  • Jeff Breeden

    Everyone there seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. I didn’t see a single down moment and it wasn’t like we had a really structured tour. The employees were all engaged and truly wanted to share their experience with us. I would recommend this tour to anyone trying to get their team to wear culture on their sleeves. Your own culture may not be as over the top as Zappos, but you should be proud to show it.

  • Chris

    Tour was sweet. The culture is like nothing I have ever seen. Keep up the good work zappos

  • It was Awesome…I would so recommend it. Best Ticket in Las Vegas!

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