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My Plot to Take Over Google Searches for my Name

Many villains in TV shows and movies have evil plans to take over the world.  I have a much more attainable goal: take over the first page of Google when my name is searched for! *insert maniacal laughter here*

Google me!

I thought it would be a good idea to “take over” Google when I read this blog post in the Harvard Business Review: Forget the business card – just Google me.  I love the business card in that blog post (which just shows a Google search box with the person’s name).

A side benefit of this blog – although I didn’t create it solely for this purpose – is people being able to find me through my blog when searching for me on the Internet.  I recently Googled my name and found my blog in the first position among the search results (see below).  I used a few simple search engine optomization strategies to accomplish this.  My domain name includes my first and last name, my name is in the title tag of the blog, and the “about me” page is written in third person (even though it would have been more natural to write it in first person).

Google Results for Dustin Wheeler

Another strategy I recently began to implement is commenting on other people’s blogs.  The main reason why I comment on blogs is to add value to them, but search engine optimization is a side benefit.  The Google indexing robot finds my name and a link to my blog in each comment.

Now that I have a presence for my name in Google searches, I can finally think about getting one of those fancy Google business cards … and ponder another devious plan.

1 comment to My Plot to Take Over Google Searches for my Name

  • Chris

    I have heard you mention that blogs help the google ranking and I wondered how. Now I know. Great info Dustin.

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