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Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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A Refund from my Overfunded Escrow Account

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As I wrote in an earlier post, I use QuickBooks to organize my household finances.  Like every good accountant, I am detail oriented and keep meticulous records.  I keep every receipt, reconcile each of my accounts monthly, and split the expense categorization of grocery bills between food, cleaning and baby products (OK, just kidding on the last one).

One transaction that I do split out every month is my mortgage payment.  My mortgage payments are made up of three …

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My LinkedIn Connection Dilemma

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I have a little debate going on in my head about who should be included in my LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn seems to suggest that connections should represent a “real-world” network and be limited to trusted friends and colleagues.  I have discovered, though, that some people are looking to connect to everybody.  Some even go so far as to have LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) or “I accept all invites” in their headlines.

I have received several invitations to connect from people I don’t know …

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My Plot to Take Over Google Searches for my Name

Many villains in TV shows and movies have evil plans to take over the world.  I have a much more attainable goal: take over the first page of Google when my name is searched for! *insert maniacal laughter here*

I thought it would be a good idea to “take over” Google when I read this blog post in the Harvard Business Review: Forget the business card – just Google me.  I love the business card in that blog post (which …

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