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Managing What I’ve Read with Google Reader

Have you ever read a good article on the Internet, but when you wanted to go back and read it a few days or months later, you weren’t able to find it?

It used to happen to me quite often, but it has become less of a problem since I began using Google Reader to read RSS feeds.

When I like an article I’ve read in Google Reader, I either “share it” or “star it.”  I typically share an item that I think others would be interested in.  My shared items show up on the left sidebar of my blog, and they also show up in the reading list for those who follow me on Google Reader.  Usually, I star an item to which I might need to refer again later but others may not find interesting.  Unlike my shared items, my starred items are not publicly visible.

The search function in Google Reader is very helpful.  Recently, someone asked me about the differences between the accounting programs QuickBooks and Peachtree.  I remembered reading a great blog post comparing them a few months ago that I shared in Google Reader, so  I searched my shared items for QuickBooks and Peachtree.  The article I was searching for appeared in less than a second, which was a lot faster than things I might have done in the past, such as look through my web browsing history or do a search in Google for terms I may have remembered from the article.

Do you have any other ideas to share about managing the content you read to make it easy to find later?  Please share a comment in the box below.

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