Dustin Wheeler

Dustin Wheeler
Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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  • connects seekers and helpers (for rewards) for finding genealogical records. Great if you're stuck on family history!
  • Xtreme Forensics presenting ISeekDiscovery. Useful in internal audit. IT department doesn't need to now what's being searched for.

A Simple Time-Saving Summation Excel Macro

One of my first blog posts was about how I use macros with QuickBooks reports exported from Excel.  That post also contains a brief explanation of what a macro is, so please read it first if you are unfamiliar with macros.

In my work, I often find myself combining similar types of expenses provided by a client on a spreadsheet for a more condensed presentation on a financial statement or a tax return.  The repetitive task of selecting cells, adding borders, and …

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Managing What I’ve Read with Google Reader

Have you ever read a good article on the Internet, but when you wanted to go back and read it a few days or months later, you weren’t able to find it?

It used to happen to me quite often, but it has become less of a problem since I began using Google Reader to read RSS feeds.

When I like an article I’ve read in Google Reader, I either “share it” or “star it.”  I typically share an item that I …

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