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Dustin Wheeler
Dustin is a technology-driven CPA in Orem, Utah.

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Why I Cringe When I See “Reconciliation Discrepancies” in QuickBooks

You’re near the end of a long and busy day, reconciling your bank account in QuickBooks.  You’ve checked off every deposit and check from the bank statement and thought you were done, but the bottom right corner of the reconciliation screen says “Difference: $20.00.”

You need to hurry to make it to a dinner appointment, so you click on the “reconcile now” button anyway, and the following box appears:

QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancy

You’ve cleared dozens of transactions totaling several thousand dollars, so …

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Taking Control of my Inbox with E-mail Rules in Outlook

Do you feel in control of your e-mail, or do you feel your e-mail controls you?

This question was posed by the instructor in a session about Outlook that I attended at the 2009 AICPA Information Technology Conference.  The large volume of e-mail that I have to process every day certainly makes it hard to control, but I learned a few good e-mail management strategies at the conference that have helped.

First, I am starting to use my inbox as a staging area rather …

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My First Lessons about Debt Came from a Video Game

When I was fifteen, I played a computer game that simulates building and operating an amusement park.  The object of the game is to make money by thrilling patrons on the rides, taking care of their basic needs (extra sugar in the sodas), and making them happy enough to empty their pockets on souvenirs.

The game begins with enough cash to build a park, but it is all debt financed.

The first time I played the game, I paid little attention to …

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